Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Wireless Channel Power Control

Our ideas for a hybrid approach for channel power control have been discussed here:
S. Ganu, G. Bhanage, P. Narasimhan, "System and Method for Computing Coverage Set and Resource Allocations in Wireless Networks", US Patent App. 13/563,500, 2014.

The key difference as noted in the application is that in some cases we propose using a combination of centralized and de-centralized channel power control i.e. the main channel allocation is done centrally and the local channel flips (based on radar etc) are done locally by the access point.

We propose doing a 2 phase channel allocation strategy:
1. Anchor channels: The baseline RF characteristics of a deployment rarely change i.e. the relative position of the infrastructure APs does not change, the other architecture of the building and basic coarse grained pathloss do not change over large time frames. We use this knowledge to come up with a coarse grained anchor channel assignment for each access point. This anchor channel will be a home channel based on the available

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