Embedded systems leader with 12+ years of work experience in the field of wireless network design. He specializes in device drivers, Linux, MAC & PHY layer design and implementation for different types of wireless networks. He has programmed on devices ranging from finger-sized RFID tags to commercial 4G basestations.

Prior to working in the silicon valley, he was a Ph.D candidate at WINLAB, Rutgers University, NJ. At WINLAB he worked on one of the largest WiFi testbeds of its times, a 4G wireless basestation (2010), and a home-bred active RFID platform (2005).

Before coming to the US, he spent 3 wonderful years of his Bachelors in Mumbai, India.

  • Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA
  • Aruba Networks, Sunnyvale, CA
  • Raytheon BBN technologies, MA
  • SRI Stanford research institute, CA
  • NEC Laboratories, NJ
  • Morgan Stanley, NY
  • KRESIT, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
  • Larsen and Toubro Ltd., India
Honors and Accolades:
Please visit my Linkedin profile for a cursory list. Email me to request a copy of my resume (for the complete list). For questions, reach me here.

Past Collaborators