Sunday, January 22, 2023

Difference between POE-PD and POE-PSE, POE vs POE+

  • POE stands for power over ethernet
  • A POE system consists of two components - a POE-PSE (Power sourcing equipment) the device which provides the power, and a POE-PD (Power delivered) equipment which receives the power over ethernet.
  • PSE equipment examples - POE switches, POE injectors, POE media convertors [1]
  • PD equipment examples - APs, IP cameras, other devices.
  • PSE has 4 types based on PSE, PD power ratings with a 90W PSE max allowing a 71W PD draw on a port [2].
  • PD ratings are only based on the power draw limit - max of 71W - class 8 PD [2]
  • Power delivery limits are based on negotiations determined by the 802.3 standard. 802.3at (POE) delivers 15.4W, 802.3af (POE+)  delivers 25.5W. This is the difference between POE and POE+.
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