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Wireless virtualization / Network virtualization 

  • G. Bhanage, "Mixing MACs: An Introduction to Hybrid Radio Wireless Virtualization", arXiv preprint arXiv:1705.06215, 2017.  PDF   Bibtex   TR: GDB2017-005
  • G. Bhanage, I. Seskar, R. Mahindra, and D. Raychaudhuri, "Virtual Basestation: Architecture for an Open Shared WiMAX Framework," In proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM VISA Workshop, New Delhi, Aug, 2010 PDFBibtex  [Summary: * Paper shows how downlink airtime fairness can be implemented on a WiMAX BTS radio - results are shown on a prototype. * Serves as an example of how software defined mobile networks (SDMN) can be extended to cellular wireless networks. * It demonstrates how a generic 4G WiMAX cellular basestation can be virtualized, but the same approach can be used to virtualize LTE cellular networks too. Keywords: Cellular network virtualization, wireless virtualization, WiMAX virtualization, LTE virtualization, RAN sharing, RAN virtualization.]
  • G. Bhanage, R. Daya, I. Seskar, and D. Raychaudhuri, "VNTS: a virtual network traffic shaper for air time fairness in 802:16e slices", In proceedings of IEEE ICC - Wireless and Mobile Networking Symposium, South Africa, May, 2010 PDFBibtex
  • Paper describing the SplitAP wireless virtualization architecture is available here: PDFBibtex [Summary: This paper discusses in detail how uplink airtime fairness can be implemented in WLANs by providing per VAP virtualization.]
  • G. Bhanage, Y. Zhang, D. Raychaudhuri, "Virtual wireless network mapping: An approach to housing MVNOs on wireless meshes", IEEE PIMRC, 2011. PDF Bibtex [Summary: Paper describing the process of mapping mobile virtual network operator on a virtualized wireless network. This is also referred to as VN embedding or virtual network embedding and is a part of resource allocation for virtual wireless networks. Such an approach can be used as a part of current MVNO mapping schemes as well as future internet design projects.]
  • Gautam Bhanage, Ivan Seskar, Dipankar Raychaudhuri, "A virtualization architecture for mobile WiMAX networks", ACM SIGMOBILE Mobile Computing and Communications Review, Mar 2012  PDF download  Bibtex
  • More papers on this topic are found here.

MAC frame aggregation in WLANs 

  • G. Bhanage, "Case For Static AMSDU Aggregation in WLANs," arXiv preprint arXiv:1707.02701,, July 2017.  PDF  Bibtex  TR:GDB2017-006
  • G. Bhanage, "AMSDU vs AMPDU: A Brief Tutorial on WiFi Aggregation Support", arXiv preprint  arXiv:1704.07015, 2017. PDF  Bibtex  TR:GDB2017-004
  • G. Bhanage, D. Raychaudhuri, I. Seskar, "Using a backlogged queue approach for adaptive MAC frame aggregation," 2010 IEEE International Symposium on A World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks (WoWMoM), 2010.Bibtex PDF
  • G. Bhanage, D. Raychaudhuri, I. Seskar, "Backlogged queue based MAC frame aggregation", Pervasive and Mobile Computing Journal, 2011.URL Bibtex PDF

Active RFID systems design 

  • Gautam Bhanage, Yu Zhang, Yanyong Zhang, Trappe Wade, and Rich Howard, "RollCall : The Design For A Low Cost And Power Efficient Active RFID Asset Tracking System,"Proceedings of Eurocon 2007, 2007. PDF
  • Yu Zhang, Gautam Bhanage, Wade Trappe, Yanyong Zhang, and Rich Howard, "Facilitating an Active Transmit-only RFID System through Receiver-based Processing," Proceedings of the Fourth Annual IEEE Communications Society Conference on Sensor, Mesh, and Ad Hoc Communications and Networks, 2007. PDF
  • Gautam Bhanage, and Yanyong Zhang, "Relay MAC: A Collision Free and Power Efficient Reading Protocol for Active RFID Tags," In proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks (IEEE ICCCN), 2006.PDF

Topology Generation & Emulation 
  • G. Bhanage, S. Kaul, "Investigating Randomly Generated Adjacency Matrices For Their Use In Modeling Wireless Topologies", arXiv:1304.4524, 2013.   PDF
  • G. Bhanage, Y. Zhang, "Software Architecture for Scalable Multi-Hop Mobility Emulation with Indoor Wireless Grids," In the proceedings of The Third IEEE International Workshop on Wireless Mesh and Ad Hoc Networks (WIMAN), Montreal, Canada, June 2009. PDF

  • G. Bhanage, "Difference between 802.11ac VHT Capabilities and Operation IE MCS", TR GDB2018-002,, 2018 PDF
  • G. Bhanage, "A Short Introduction to 802.11ax", Technical report GDB2018-001, published at, February 2018  PDF

Other Topics
  • Gautam Bhanage, "High Level Overview of The Linux Boot Sequence", GDB2021-001 published at, Jan 2021 [Download PDF]
  • Gautam Bhanage, "Kernel Stack Protection and keeping coding simple", GDB2020-001 published at, 2020. [Download PDF]
  • Gautam Bhanage, "Linux Memory Management API Quick Primer ",  GDB2019-001 published at  June 2019  [Download PDF]
  • G. Bhanage, "To Pin or not to Pin on Symmetric Multiprocessor Systems", Tech Report GDB2017-003, published online at, January 2017. PDF  Bibtex
  • G. Bhanage, "Takeaways and quotes from A brief history of  time, a “timeless” classic by Stephen Hawking", Published online at GDB2017-001, Jan, 2017  PDF
  • A. Bhorkar, G. Bhanage, "Interference Reduction in High Density WLAN Deployments using antenna Selection", arXiv:1308.146, 2013. PDF
  • A. Bhorkar, G. Bhanage, "Reliable multicast in large enterprise networks",  arXiv:1308.38852013. PDF
  • Shweta Sagari, Gautam Bhanage, Dipankar Raychaudhuri, "Adaptive Geolocation Based Interference Control for Hierarchical Cellular Network with Femtocells," In the proceedings of IEEE PIMRC, 2012. PDF BibTex
  • G. Bhanage, A. Chanda, J. Li, D. Raychaudhuri,"Storage-Aware Routing Protocol for the MobilityFirst FIA Network Architecture," In Proceedings of the Special DTN Session at 17th European wireless conference, Vienna, Austria, 2011. PDF
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