Friday, February 21, 2020

Cosmology for Dummies in Animated Videos

Some interesting tidbits that I learned from my recent readings/learning in cosmology

  1. Basics of 4D Spacetime in an animation
  2. How fast are you moving?
  3. How big is the universe?
  4. Why is our visible universe 14B light-years wide while the universe started about 14M light years back?
  5. Can you travel faster than speed of light?
  6. Sunlight hitting the earth is very old - approx 170,000 years old!
  7. How many universes are there? - 0 to infinity predicted by String theory.
  8. How will the universe end? - thanks to dark energy
Basics of 4D Spacetime in an animation
1. Understanding 4d space time and the world line
2. Lorentz transformation
3. Gravity and space time - how does it bend?