Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hybrid Wireless Virtualization Architecture

This project presents the design of the hybrid wireless virtualization (HWV) controller based network architecture. Using a HWV controller, an unified approach can be taken for provisioning and management of virtualized heterogeneous radios, irrespective of their MAC and PHY mechanisms. It is shown that the airtime occupancy by transmissions from different slices or groups can be used as a single metric for tying these virtualized platforms.
The HWV controller can account and dynamically re-provision slice quotas, which can be used for maximizing the network operator's revenue or aggregate system throughput performance. Results from simulations show that an HWV controller based infrastructure is able to improve the revenue generated from a single virtualized basestation and an AP by up to 40% under tested conditions. 

Architecture with a virtual basestation setup

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  • Keywords: Wifi-Cellular network virtualization, Hybrid wireless virtualization, WiMAX virtualization, LTE virtualization.]

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